Access, Education, and Partnership

Membership in the Associated Cemeteries of Missouri (ACM) has considerable benefits for you and your staff. With a strong record over the past 50 years of providing educational opportunities at our conventions; meaningful connections with colleagues across the state and suppliers across the country; and important work collaborating with state legislators to improve and regulate our industry, we are committed to providing outstanding value to our members and the cemetery industry in Missouri.

With each membership come these important benefits to your organization:
• Access to networking with other cemetery professionals at all levels: owners, managers, counselors, grounds crew, etc.
• Access to a wide variety of vendors that touch every aspect of a cemetery operation.
• Invitation to our annual convention providing educational and social events.
• Access to our ACM website providing valuable resources
• Ability to serve on small groups and committees to have a real impact on our industry
We know that several associations may ask you to be a member. We are asking you to be a partner.

Make a Difference

As a member of ACM you can truly make a difference. Each year our industry is affected by potential legislation that is introduced from within and without the cemetery industry in Missouri. Time and time again, members of ACM have been called upon to assist, educate and advise those in the State House and Senate on issues. Our members have helped protect every cemetery in the state from legislation that may have adversely and unknowingly impacted our industry. As our membership increases, so does our voice and our reach with our elected officials.

We have a history of working with our representatives, senators, and other officials to do what is best for consumers and our industry.

Please take the time to contact one of our Board of Directors listed on our staff page to discuss how membership in ACM can benefit your organization and how you can strengthen this very important association.