Annual Membership Dues

As of April 2024, we have simplified our dues! Now, active members shall pay annual dues of $75.00 plus a payment of the Educational Fund per number of interments, entombments or inurnments made in the preceding year, regardless of the nature of the remains or the age at time of death.

The payment to the Educational Fund shall be a minimum of $225.00 and a maximum of $750.00 per year.

Active voting members dues $100.00

Active voting members additional dues per interments:           
1-35                          $225.00
36-75                        $300.00
76-125                      $375.00
126-200                    $525.00
201- and up              $750.00

Suppliers:                   $225.00

Associate Non-voting member dues: $100.00
Associate members are not required to pay into the Educational Fund, but they are urged to do so.

Industry Supplier/Professional member dues: $225.00.

All dues shall be paid by April 1st.

Click here to download the  PDF-fillable  form.