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Membership Dues:
Please fill out the Membership Dues Fillable PDF to determine your dues payment.
Email form to [email protected]

Active Membership: - Full voting member (owner' managers, or their designee) - $75

Plus $2.00 per interment, entombment, or inurnment made in the preceding year, regardless of the nature of remains or the age at time of death. Example: 40 interments x $2.00 = $80.00. (Make sure to update correct quantity in your cart) Minimum of $75 (38 interments, etc.) and a Maximum of $700.00 (350 interments, etc.)

Associate Member: Non-voting; covers religious, fraternal, city/county cemetery, or retired owner only - $100.00

Industry Supplier/Professional Member: Non-voting - $200.00

Annual Convention Registration
Please fill out the Convention Fillable PDF to determine your Convention Fees.
Email form to [email protected]

Cemeterian Registration - $250.00

Spouse/Guest/Children or Staff w/Cemeterian Registration - $200.00

Non-ACM Member Registration - $350.00

Suppliers - Each person attending - $400.00

Supplier Spouse Registration (Children under 14 free) - $85.00